• Oil Filters

    The function of oil filters is to prevent contaminants which may be contained in the lubricating oil from reaching sensitive engine parts without restricting normal oil flow. The internal source of contamination include wear products from the rubbing surfaces on engine, blow-by gases leaking from the rings of pistons and de-gradation of oil itself.

  • Fuel Filters for petrol

    Contaminants in engine fuel can clog the drilled or cored passages in carburetor, upsetting their metering performance, causing loss of power, poor engine starting, damaged exhaust valves etc. Dirt, rust, scales and water are the major impurities present in fuel. The main cause of fuel contamination is corrosion or deterioration of inner surface of the tank itself.

  • Fuel Filters for diesel

    In case of diesel engines, the need for effective diesel fuel filtration is essential to protect the highly sophisticated fuel pump and injection equipment. Fine and Coarse filters are needed to keep fuel flowing under the toughest conditions.

  • Air Filters

    The quantity of Air used by internal combustion engine is very vast. The possibility of inducting a considerable mass of solid contaminants from the atmospheric air is very high. The air filter removes carbon, abrasive and other contaminants from air before it mixes with fuel in the engine system.